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The Brunswick Community College (det365手机版官网) Career Center empowers students to successfully transition from education to the workforce by providing educational pathways, internship opportunities, job search strategies, and ongoing career development. Why? Because det365手机版官网 believes in you!

通过个性化的指导课程, 学生可以探索他们的兴趣, skills, abilities, and values and discover potential career options to develop a personalized academic and career plan that meets their ultimate education and career goals.

参观位于主校区A栋二楼的就业中心, adjacent to the library.

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Our Services

  • Career Exploration & Development – Evaluate your interest, personality, skills, work styles, values and abilities…then explore the variety of career options that may be an ideal “fit” based on your personalized results.  任何人都可以使用这个免费的职业探索工具.  开始你的兴趣评估使用 det365手机版官网’s Career Coach Online
  • Job Search Resources – Access det365手机版官网’s Career Coach Online 在当地或其他地方寻找就业机会. 该工具提供当地工资和雇主信息, occupational growth projections, and information about Brunswick Community College programs that match your career interest.  拓宽机会的范围,创建一个账户与 NC信息管理数据库.
  • Employability Skills Training -学习如何撰写量身定制的求职信, resumes, 以及为求职提供专业推荐信. 寻求指导和研究当前就业市场的帮助, completing online applications, preparing for interviews, 培养职场必备的软技能, gaining confidence, 了解和发现你的职业关系网.

If you are a previous student of Brunswick Community College and need career assistance, we can help!  You have the same access to ALL the services available in the Career Center including career research and development, job search, 就业能力和软技能培训. 重新激活或创建一个帐户 det365手机版官网’s Career Coach Online.


The Career Center staff is here to assist you in connecting with potential employees. 雇主可以创建个人资料,并在上面发布可用的工作机会 det365手机版官网’s Career Coach Online.

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Visit the Career Coach Online platform




Step 5: Create a live job posting.

To further increase your reach, consider posting your job openings in the North Carolina Information Management Database. 在北卡罗来纳州所有100个县的求职者将能够访问您的列表在 NC Works.  你可以自行登记为雇主. 如果您需要帮助,请致电910-754-6120与当地NCWorks办公室联系.

Employers can benefit from a more streamlined recruitment process by working with the Career Coach to screen potential candidates, 最终找到适合你组织需要的人. Companies are also welcome to use the Career Center space for recruiting events.


  • 没有时间亲自去找有指导意义的简历帮助?
    det365手机版官网’s Career Coach Online can help you build your resume and use it to instantly apply to any Live Work Opportunities posted on career coach.
  • 准备好创建一份全新的简历或更新你的旧简历?
    CareerOneStop’s Resume Guide 会帮助你制作一份在当今就业市场上脱颖而出的简历吗.
  • 想要一步一步的指导来建立你的简历和获得可用的工作?
     Create your resume and connect to hiring employers in all 100 counties of North Carolina via NC Works.
  • 你有兴趣在北卡罗来纳社区学院系统工作吗?
    Discover openings at Brunswick Community College and 57 other NC community colleges

Find out relevant facts about occupations in order to make informed career decisions. The following free web-based tools provide current labor market information to guide your choices.

  • 北卡罗来纳大学基金会 能帮你计划、申请和支付大学费用吗.
  • 你想以什么为生? O*NET 我给你三种方法来找出答案:
    (1) “I want to be a…”              (2) “I’ll know it when I see it.”            (3) “I’m not really sure.”        
  • Career One Stop 是职业探索、培训和求职的重要来源.
  • NCWorks Online 是北卡罗来纳州求职者和雇主的一站式在线资源. Job seekers can search for jobs, create resumes, and find education and training. 雇主可以找到候选人,发布职位,搜索劳动力市场信息.
  • NCcareers 旨在成为北卡罗来纳州学生在线资源的中心, parents, educators, job seekers and career counselors looking for high quality job and career information.
  • The 16 Personality Test 测量了五种性格特征:内向和外向. 观察vs直觉(或者简单地说), 实用vs想象力思考vs感觉(或者简单地说, Logical versus Emotional). Personality refers to the enduring characteristics and behavior that comprise a person’s unique adjustment to life, including major traits, interests, drives, values, self-concept, abilities, and emotional patterns.

  1. 就业中心如何帮助我选择正确的职业道路? Our experienced Career Coaches can provide one-on-one guidance to help you explore your interests, skills, abilities, personality and values. 通过个人评估和讨论, we assist you in identifying potential career paths that align with your personal attributes and goals.
  2. 如果你正在找工作,有哪些可用的资源? 就业中心提供各种各样的资源, including current job listings, internship opportunities, and employer networks. You can also discover in-demand careers and current work opportunities with employers through det365手机版官网’s Career Coach Online.  通过与不伦瑞克郡的合作伙伴关系 NCWorks 在就业中心,你也可以获得广泛的工作机会.
  3. 有人能帮我写简历吗? Absolutely! 我们的职业教练可以帮助您创建或更新您的简历, 制定有效的求职策略, 为面试做好准备.
  4. Are there workshops available to improve my job search and professional skills? Yes. Workshops on resume writing, interview skills, networking, essential soft skills and other professional development topics are available throughout the year through the Career Center.  Stop by the Career Center for additional information on the workshops currently offered. 
  5. 就业指导中心能帮我找到与专业相关的实习机会吗? Absolutely! We have partnerships with local businesses and organizations that want to provide internship opportunities to det365手机版官网’s students. Our staff can assist you in identifying and applying for internships that align with your academic and career goals.
  6. Is the Career Center only for current students, or can alumni also access its services? 我们的服务面向在校学生和校友. 无论你是刚刚开始你的职业生涯还是想要做出改变, 就业中心在这里为你的职业生涯提供支持.
  7. 我怎样才能及时了解即将到来的招聘活动和招聘会? Stop by the Career Center to find out about upcoming events; or, keep an eye on our website and social media platforms for information on career fairs, employer presentations, 以及其他社交机会.
  8. 哪些在线资源可用于职业发展? 就业中心提供了几个在线工具, industry publications, and virtual workshop activities.  You can start by using det365手机版官网’s Career Coach Online to explore your interests and use your personal results to explore your career and education options.  如果你需要帮助,我们的就业中心的工作人员会在这里为你服务.
  9. Can the Career Center help me apply to higher education institutions to continue my education? 是的,我们为那些考虑继续深造的学生提供支持. 我们的成功和职业教练可以帮助您研究研究生课程, preparing application materials, and exploring opportunities for continuing education and professional development.
  10.  就业中心提供的服务是否有费用? All Career Center services are FREE 潜在的和现在的学生以及校友. This includes counseling sessions, workshops, and access to most learning resources including Career Coach Online.

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